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Whether you are a soldier, sailor, or airman, a police officer, a first responder, or an industrial or agricultural user in need of an unmanned ground vehicle (UGV), the RobotCanada Team can deliver a solution that is tailored to your needs. The UGV solution that you choose will be cost effective, can reduce overall personnel requirements and, most importantly, will reduce the potential threat to humans performing the same task.

Unmanned Systems

There are three categories of unmanned systems that have been designed or developed by the PRC/PRS team. They are:

  • Security systems
  • Military Systems
  • Police, Fire and Emergency Services Systems

More information on these systems can be found by clicking on the tabs above.

Control Systems

The firmware and software controls for these systems have been developed by PRS. These control systems provide both standardized controls as well as customized support that meet the needs of the clients. More information can be found by clicking on the "Control Systems" tab above.

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Victoria International Airport (YYJ) Remote Package Handling System Installed

2019-01-31 — Parisien Research Corporation is pleased to announce that the RPHS for Victoria International Airport has been installed. After a week of training for the operators and maintenance people and test runs of the vehicle, the RPHS is now in service. [More...]

New PRC Associate and Technical Representative Welcomed

2019-03-05 — Parisien Research Corporation welcomes the latest Associate, Anton deBree, who is the Pacific Region Technical Support Associate for the Parisien Research Corporation unmanned ground vehicle (UGV) program...[More...]

Remote Package Handling System Purchased for Victoria International Airport (YYJ)

2018-01-15 — Parisien Research Corporation is pleased to announce the sale of a Remote Package Handling System (RPHS) to Victoria International Airport (YYJ), British Columbia. It is expected to be operational by January 2019...[More...]

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